This course allows you to enrol in an individual class within a group of 4 persons max.  You may choose from my link the cuisine of your preference.  You will be allowed to choose 1 dish whilst the other participants choose the other 2.  This ensures each participant has his or her choice.  In this class you will learn 3 dishes using all the freshest ingredients available.



This course entitles you to a package of 4 sessions at a discounted rate.  Preferably the course should be completed within a month.  You will be able to make choices of cuisine  for all 4 sessions.  Alternatively enjoy a hassle free class with an already designed menu.



This course is aimed at those who would like to have a private class with a customised menu.  You get to choose all 3 items from my link or suggest your preference in the type of cuisine.


All of the above culinary courses are available to domestic helpers, kids classes, couples, groups, corporates & team building participants; to make this more engaging we have certificates to authenticate your participation and tasters to take home


Culinary Classes run on Mondays and Fridays (please check time and other details by logging on to our website)


Classes typically run for one hour and 30 minutes, but we accommodate time for understanding complexities & deriving ideas for training our palates